Cambria Style

Flower Show

Gone are the days of the tight, formal flower arrangement in the middle of the table. Today’s most appealing center pieces look natural, loose, and airy—like a garden brought inside, says Minneapolis floral designer Lyn Williams-Absey, who designed these gorgeous displays for Cambria Style.

How to get this look yourself? Keep your arrangements simple and stick with a very limited color palette: pale pinks and mauves, for example, or just soft yellows. Vary the heights and textures of your choices. And let the flowers themselves guide you. If you focus on showcasing the blooms, you can’t go wrong.

GET THE LOOK: Velvet ribbons, $6.95, Patina; Green Frosted Bottle, $34, West Elm; Clear Glass Vases with Zinc Top, price upon request, Vagabond Vintage; Tall Thin Bell Jar, $22, Save On Crafts; save-on Large Green Bottle, price upon request, Vagabond Vintage; Scissors, price upon request, Vagabond Vintage; Glass and Metal Floral Frogs, price upon request, Brown & Greene Floral;