Cutting-Edge Interior Design Ideas

Cambria Style–featured designer Morgan Molitor of Construction2Style shares tips for creating inviting spaces

a gorgeous dining room with a dark wooden table, gold and black chairs, and pink fabric head chair, with a patterned rug, and overhead chandelier

Photography by Chelsie Lopez

As the co-founder, creative director, marketing manager, and content creator of Minnesota-based CONSTRUCTION2STYLE (which she runs with contractor-husband, Jamie), Morgan Molitor is used to wearing many hats. And, as a designer, she’s used to juggling multiple projects. “We have a lot of exciting projects happening right now,” she says. “We’re starting our first custom build, in Edina … another house in Minnetonka … we’re wrapping up an addition in Minneapolis—it’s pretty busy!” With all those clients, the Molitors get to work in a wide range of styles and try out some cutting-edge ideas. “We tend to attract homeowners who know we’re forward thinkers, and that we implement new styles in our designs. They’re willing to think outside the box because they know we’ll create a home that’s unique to them,” she says. Some of those cutting-edge ideas relate to surfaces (of course). A few highlights from construction2style’s recent projects:

Incorporate Hints of Color and Warmth

“We’re bringing in more color through the countertops,” says Molitor. “We’re still keeping it light and bright overall, but adding a little warm color can be very energizing.” One favorite Cambria design is Brittanicca™ (and Brittanicca Warm™ and Brittanicca Gold Warm™). “We just did an installation in a kitchen last week—it’s a beautiful design that will never go out of style,” she says.

Go Bold with Large-Scale Quartz Installations

“The big thing right now is large format. Everyone wants floor-to-ceiling Cambria in their bathrooms,” she says. Molitor’s clients love the clean, seamless look—and the easy maintenance (no grout lines!). But it can be a significant investment. “Our last client debated about the choice for about three weeks, and in the end she went for the Cambria. And of course she loves it—that decision pushed the bath from great to really exceptional.”

a stunning dry bar next to a living room with black cabinets, white quartz countertops, a mini fridge, and shelves to hang wine glasses.

A built-in bar elevates a cozy space with a touch of elegance. Cambria design shown: Ella™, photography by Chelsie Lopez

Raise the Bar with a Quartz-Topped Home Bar

“Suddenly, every house has a bar. Not just one in the basement but worked into the main living space somewhere,” says Molitor. Topping a bar with Cambria can make it a design focus (case in point: the living-room bar in construction2style’s project featured in Cambria Style), and tie it in with adjacent spaces, like a nearby kitchen or outdoor entertaining zone. But Molitor doesn’t generally use the same design on both the kitchen and bar countertops. “I don’t like matchy-matchy,” she says. “I choose something a little different for the bar. It shows that this is its own area and has a different purpose—and creates a more custom and personalized effect.”

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