How to store it like the pros do


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We’ve all shoved a piece of expensive cheese into a fridge drawer only to find it later looking like a moon rock. Caring for cheese is simple and will make it last longer and taste better, whatever its use. Follow these tips professionals use to keep everything from brie to rinds in tip-top shape.

  1. No plastic, please: While grocery stores use plastic to wrap cheese, it’s definitely a no-no at home. Cheese needs to breathe and plastic will make it spoil faster. Instead, use specialty cheese, wax or parchment paper for wrapping. Cheese paper can be found at most kitchen and cheese shops. Label the wrapping with the name of the cheese and purchase date.
  2. Protect it to make it last: If you are not going to use a cheese right away, place the paper wrapped cheese in a plastic bag so it doesn’t dry out.
  3. Is moldy cheese safe? Hard and semi-hard cheeses that form some mold can be scraped clean and consumed safely. Soft cheeses with mold should be thrown away.
  4. Storage sense: Put cheese in the lowest vegetable drawer in the fridge, which is an ideal temperature to keep it fresh and preserve it properly.