Caviar in Sweatpants

Quick, easy ways to enjoy this salty treat

If you think CAVIAR is only for black-tie occasions, you’ll be surprised by the simple ways you can enjoy the salty treat with whatever is in the fridge. Photography by Itakdalee via Getty Images.

Can you enjoy caviar in sweatpants? We live in an age when spending more time at home is changing the way we dress day to day. And events where we might have enjoyed the caviar have moved to Zoom or been cancelled altogether. But you don’t need to be dressed to the nines to enjoy this salty treat. It’s the perfect way to elevate simple snacks or add something special to a dinner you’re throwing together with whatever’s in the fridge. “There are not too many ways that are wrong in enjoying caviar,” wine and food expert Leslee D. Miller of Amusée explained when we DISCUSSED PAIRING CHAMPAGNE AND CAVIAR. First, the basics: until it hits your food, keep the caviar cold and away from metal. (Interactions with certain metals can change the flavor.) You might consider keeping the caviar in its tin to avoid breaking the delicate eggs. But now, what can you put it on?

Photography by Claudia Uribe via Getty Images

How Can This Salty Treat Accentuate Eggs?

The delicate flavor of eggs can be a perfect blank canvas where caviar can make a big impression. It's similar to the way scrambled eggs or classic omelets benefit from a drizzle of your favorite condiment. Simply spoon the caviar on instead. But, caviar can also make a great addition to egg dishes that already offer big flavor. For example, most deviled eggs already include plenty of mustard and paprika. Nevertheless, try adding caviar on top to give them an additional visual and flavor twist.

Cambria design shown: INVERNESS BRONZE™ Photography by Steve Henke

Using Caviar to Elevate Other Salty Treats

If you’ve ever sprinkled a seasoning blend on popcorn, you know that the snack can handle more than salt and butter. Try using caviar to add a unique saltiness to otherwise unflavored popcorn or add it along with other seasonings. Speaking of snacking, you know from the many varieties in the snack aisle that potato chips are one of the all-time great flavor-delivery options. It’s true of caviar, too, which multiplies that salty potato chip punch. Think chips were made for dipping? Augment your onion dip with caviar to add a new dimension to its sweet and tangy flavors. And if you like roasted potato skins, wait until you’ve tried topping them with sour cream and caviar.

Photography by Anna Bogush via Getty Images

Incorporating Caviar Into Easy EntrÉes

Anchovies may not be standard on every pizza place menu nowadays. But that doesn’t change the fact that a taste of the ocean can beautifully complement this favorite food. Try caviar on pizza instead—either on its own or in combination with fish like smoked salmon. And while we’re talking Italian, consider adding an extra kick of salt to pasta with caviar rather than cheese. This can be especially good if you’re already working with seafood flavors, such as a classic clam sauce. And how do you improve on a beautifully prepared piece of fried chicken? Caviar’s powerful flavor can top almost any preparation—making this classic stand out in a whole new way.

Photography by Westend 61 via Getting Images

Combining Caviar with the Unexpected

Caviar pairs well with partners even more unlikely than sweatpants. For example, do you think caviar on pancakes sounds unusual? Blinis are one of the most classic ways to serve caviar. And they’re essentially savory versions of the popular breakfast food. Remove some of the sweetness from your batter, and serve the savory pancakes with caviar and butter or cream. Want to try mixing caviar with something sweeter? Try it with a small serving of white chocolate. Like sea salt and caramel, this may sound like a strange combination until it hits your tongue. And while you can easily enjoy caviar atop your favorite bread or cracker, if you’re going low carb, consider slices of cucumber. They’ve got some of the crunch you love in potato chips, and are practically begging for the kick of additional flavor to make it an elevated, salty treat.

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