Believe the Hype about Brittanicca™

See the four marbled white quartz designs from the best-selling Cambria palette that started it all

The classic elegance of marble countertops is the vision of many kitchen design dreams. But those dreams can become a real-life nightmare for people who actually like to cook in their kitchens because marble is porous and can stain unless properly and regularly sealed and cleaned. It can also easily scratch, chip, or crack and even etch when exposed to acidic foods or liquids. Not the kind of maintenance or worry most people want when it comes to investing in spaces they hope will be both beautiful and functional.

That’s why choosing a beautiful and durable marble alternative like Cambria quartz surfaces can actually make your kitchen countertop dreams come true. And, your Cambria quartz countertops can look just as beautiful and perform better than marble. So let’s explore Cambria’s Brittanicca designs for inspiration.

Harlow Mood Board

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca


Cambria’s original Brittanicca design is a marble alternative that has been incredibly popular since its introduction in 2015. Visually grand and majestic like marble, Brittanicca calls to mind the organic flow of rivers against a creamy marbled background of neutral white under soft-gray skies. A perfect white quartz countertop design choice for a Minnesota north shore getaway designed by architect Christopher Strom.

“Cambria was a really beautiful touch,” Strom says, noting that—by accentuating its continuity—the material echoes the way that the shoreline is carved just outside the windows of this out-of-the-way escape.

This kitchen features Brittanicca on the island, perimeter countertops, and a full-height backsplash between the range and the range hood. The sink apron is also fabricated from Cambria quartz Brittanicca for a more visually appealing version of the common farmhouse style.

Brittanicca Warm kitchen installation with warm woods

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca Warm

Brittanicca Warm™

Prefer warmer, translucent gray veins across a more temperate white backdrop like that of venerable old rivers flowing into a fog-bound harbor? Cambria Brittanicca Warm is another marble-alternative design that is the perfect answer for a statement-making kitchen. Lindsey Swanson, creative director at Carbon 6 Interiors, says this pattern-heavy design doesn’t totally take over but is warm and adds to a sense of coziness while still being a showstopper.

And just like nature offers a variety of colors and patterns, Cambria’s Brittanicca designs also include Brittanicca Gold Warm and new-this-year Brittanicca Gold Cool.

Brittanicca Gold Warm kitchen installation with black cabinetry

Cambria design shown: BRITTANICCA GOLD WARM™

Brittanicca Gold Warm™

Brittanicca Gold Warm offers flowing, multihued streams of copper gold, fog, and translucent greige accompanied by wisps and ribbons of warm earth tones against a temperate white background. Interior Designer Vanessa DeLeon used this quartz countertop design in her own kitchen and says, “I love the way the translucent greige river flows and the copper valleys curve on the white canvas. I recommend it for any kitchen, bathroom, or as a sleek backdrop to a fireplace.”

In this kitchen, Brittanicca Gold Warm cascades over the island with a waterfall effect. It also flows along the perimeter countertops and makes an eye-catching statement as the backsplash.

Brittanicca Gold Cool bathroom wall cladding

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca Gold Cool™

Brittanicca Gold Cool™

And, as Cambria’s design palette continues to expand with highly sought-after marble-alternative options, Brittanicca Gold Cool is new on the scene. It’s similar to its sister design with flowing, multihued streams of copper gold, fog, and translucent greige accompanied by wisps and ribbons of warm earth tones—but in this cool version, those elements are set against a crisp, cool background.

So, whether you’re planning a new kitchen, bathroom, or any place where a marbled quartz design would make a splash, you can feel good about choosing from among the most beautiful marble-alternative quartz designs and spend more time enjoying your new favorite space and less time worrying over durability.

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