Before & After: Our Favorite Cambria Bathroom Renovations

In home renovation projects, kitchens pack a major punch, but we cannot underestimate the impact of a freshly remodeled bathroom. And, of course, it is much easier to take big design risks in a small space, so bathrooms are the perfect spot to try something new and showcase your personality.

Choosing Cambria quartz surfaces for your bathroom means your space will be durable, easy-to-clean, and hygienic. Because quartz is nonabsorbent, rest assured absolutely no moisture or bacteria will ever seep through.

Here we are highlighting five before-and-after bathroom remodels—from Mia Mia MineWit & DelightBeautiful Space Co.Juniper Home, and Marissa Cramer— to inspire you throughout the process.

Mia Mia Mine

Feeling frustrated with marble in her guest bathroom, Mia Mia Mine blogger Maria Vizuete opted to switch to Cambria quartz countertops, a superior alternative to marble, for the bathroom vanity in her master bathroom makeover. With its medley of warm neutrals and intriguing movement, Cambria quartz surface's Highgate design proved the perfect countertop to pair with the vanity’s gray cabinets for a glamorous effect.

BEFORE: Mia Mia Mine master suite refresh.

AFTER: Mia Mia Mine master suite refreshed with Highgate.

“It was pretty disappointing to see scratches and water spots so quickly on the marble,” says Maria. “We had always loved Cambria products because they’re nonporous, nonabsorbent, and harder than granite so they’re really maintenance free—perfect for a bathroom! Every Cambria design was breathtaking.”

Cambria Highgate™ design details

See how the blogger used Cambria in her kitchen renovation here.

Wit & Delight

The bones in the former 1920s home of Wit & Delight blogger Kate Arends were great but the plumbing? Not so much. When she and her husband bought the house, they only had one third floor bathroom, so they renovated to add a full bath in the basement, and incorporated a Cambria quartz countertop into their restroom refresh.

BEFORE: Wit & Delight basement bathroom overhaul.

AFTER: Wit & Delight bathroom overall featuring White Cliff.

Kate paired the crisp, pure white design of Cambria White Cliff from the Marble Collection for her bathroom countertop with turquoise blue-printed Hygge & West wallpaper for a fresh look.

“It was, after all, a basement with few windows so we kept it light and bright,” she says. “By opting for high-end materials, you can achieve a really luxurious feel. My favorite aspect of this bathroom? The Cambria countertop and backsplash. I love the smooth, bright white surface, which made me feel energized when getting ready in the morning!”

Because they opted to use a practical rough-in shower kit to save money, the quartz countertop adds beautiful texture to the space.

“I love the luxurious feeling of quartz, and Cambria is durable and more resistant to surface damage than other stone, which is why I love using the material,” says Kate. “I also partnered with Cambria for my kitchen countertops, and I was really excited to incorporate one of their classic designs into my bathroom.”

Cambria White Cliff™ design details

See how Kate used Cambria in the kitchen of her former home here.

Beautiful Space Co.

In this bathroom remodel by Beautiful Space Co., an integrated marble-like Cambria quartz Torquay vanity sink countertop makes for a sleek, industrial-like look when paired with the modern gray elements throughout the space.

BEFORE: Beautiful Space Co. complete remodel.

AFTER: Beautiful Space Co. complete remodel with Torquay.

We love the aesthetic of integrated Cambria quartz sinks for residential and commercial spaces alike, as an integrated sink offers a minimalist look and extends the benefits of the countertop to the sink basin, with easy-clean convenience and durability.

AFTER: Beautiful Space Co. complete remodel with Torquay.

Cambria Torquay™ design details

Juniper Home

Faced with an outdated bathroom that featured blue fixtures, linoleum and silk ivy on the mirrors in their former home, the team at Phoenix-based interiors media and products company Juniper Home moved forward with remodeling the space to include a quartz vanity top and become a kids’ bathroom that’s both chic and playful.

BEFORE: Juniper Home kid’s bathroom renovation.

AFTER: Juniper Home kids' bathroom renovation featuring Brittanicca Matte.

They paired a Cambria Brittanicca Matte quartz bathroom countertop with gray cabinetry from Madera Cabinets, a soft pink rug and a mix of metals—like flat black and unlacquered brass—for the ultimate oasis.

“I loved that the quartz had a matte finish instead of a polished, glossy finish,” says Juniper Home founder Jenny Komenda. “I prefer honed finishes on my countertops, and I loved that these Cambria tops are incredibly durable and have that gorgeous matte finish.”

Cambria Brittanicca Matte™ design details

Marissa Cramer

Los Angeles—based interior designer Marissa Cramer—known for bringing fresh and functional California infused style into the home—designed a Tabor Street bathroom renovation, including a Cambria quartz vanity top, around turquoise Mercury Mosaics ceramic tile at the request of her client.

BEFORE: Marissa Cramer bathroom upgrade.

AFTER: Marissa Cramer bathroom upgrade featuring Whitehall.

The neutral Whitehall quartz bathroom countertop pulls the white painted maple wood vanity and mosaic flooring together to create a unique beachy retreat.

Cambria Whitehall™ design details

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