2021 Year in Review: 16 New Designs

In February, Cambria released four new groundbreaking designs, featuring subtle greens, surprising teals, and high-contrast black and white, all of which deftly balanced warm and cool tones.

Then, in June, Cambria added four more designs, inspired by the idea of the quintessential “summer vacation,” with Cambria’s characteristic details: cool whites warmed by honey or complemented by gray, textured ridges, flecks of silver, cascading black veining, abundant swirls, and charcoal gray veins.

For fall, Cambria added another four designs to its comprehensive palette, all inspired by the power and enduring beauty of forward momentum. Each design is defined by dynamic earth tones, rich burgundies, and sophisticated grays, with lush movement and texture.

And lastly, Cambria debuted four additional designs for winter, all within the Inverness family, inspired by the beauty of disruptions in nature.

Here, we recap the 16 new Cambria designs.

Winter 2021

Inspired by the forces of nature that change the landscape, the four Cambria Inverness designs feature innovative technology and gently textured debossing throughout the veining to capture the beauty of disruptions in nature.

Inverness Bronze

In the Inverness Bronze design, deep bronze veins with rosy undertones fracture a cool white canvas with pulsating intensity. Debossing throughout the veining contrasts with the smoothness of the background, giving the design a gently textured composition and beautifully organic quality.

The shimmering tones in Inverness Bronze stand out against its stark white background.

A swatch of Cambria Inverness Bronze™.

“The metallic bronze plays really well with colors that are popular today, like terracotta, clay, and burgundy,” says Cambria EVP of Design Summer Kath. “We kicked it up a notch and added wispy gray veins for depth and dimension, which is also seen in the reflective metallic. It can stand alone but also serve as a complement to the metals and colors of 2021.”

Inverness Cobalt

In the Inverness Cobalt design, stormy-blue veins with subtle metallic flares fracture a cool white canvas.

The denim-like blue tone in Inverness Cobalt goes with everything, like warm wood tones and natural light.

A swatch of Cambria Inverness Cobalt™.

“The cobalt tones are similar to a blue jean,” says Kath. “They go with everything. When you get close, you can see a little bit of glimmer, which might just wink back at you.”

Inverness Gold

Molten gold veins streak across a cool white canvas in the Inverness Gold design.

Cambria Inverness Gold works perfectly for this unique fireplace application thanks to its inconsistent veining that makes fabrication a breeze.

A swatch of Cambria Inverness Gold™.

“The gold veining is absolutely gorgeous and undulates throughout the design,” says Kath. “It’s not completely consistent, which is great for fabrication. It can be paired with so many different cabinets and popular fixtures that we are seeing in the home today.”

Inverness Platinum

Soft charcoal veins with hints of a silver fracture are scattered throughout the cool white canvas of Cambria’s Inverness Platinum design.

“We added lighter gray accents to give Inverness Platinum depth and dimension,” says Kath.

A swatch of Cambria Inverness Platinum™.

“The veins are what make these designs really unique,” says Kath. “Here, the veins are more of an ash tone, and you can see hints and accents of warmer shades of tan, which help warm up this design to complement any environment where you want to mix warm and cool.”

Fall 2021

The fall design release found inspiration in the sense of intention and momentum that propels us forward, one that drives Cambria’s best-in-class innovations and inspires revolutionary design.

Kath explains, “Momentum can be a really energizing force that stirs us into action, allowing us to see things differently and venture down new paths, often arriving at beautiful places. The tonality in these designs is truly unique, and we can’t wait to see how they invigorate residential and commercial environments in totally new ways.”

CashelTM design detail

HermitageTM design detail

Notting HillTM design detail

View our Fall 2021 designs here.

Summer 2021

For our summer 2021 design release, we were inspired by the idea of the quintessential “summer vacation” and the feelings inspired by those getaways. Cobblestones shimmering in the June rain. Digging toes in warm sand swept by the rushing tide. The ancient peace of a cottage on a green shire. The still silence of a fiery solstice sunset.

The designs summon powerful emotions with Cambria’s characteristic details: cool whites warmed by honey or complemented by gray, textured ridges, flecks of silver, cascading black veining, abundant swirls, and charcoal gray veins.

We also added a groundbreaking new finish: Cambria Satin Ridge™, which reflects a rich finish with a sensual texture, adding a powerful tactile dimension to the visual sophistication of the Cambria design. This finish is available exclusively on Leabridge™.

LeabridgeTM design detail

SandgateTM design detail

HemsworthTM design detail

HalewoodTM design detail

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Spring 2021

The four designs launched in spring feature subtle greens, surprising teals, and high-contrast black and white, and they each deftly balance warm and cool tones, making them uniquely versatile and elegantly sophisticated.

IvybridgeTM design detail

KendalTM design detail

RuxleyTM design detail

BlackbrookTM design detail

View our Spring 2021 designs here.

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