Featured Designers


Derick RodRozen / No. 5

Deep End of the Talent Pool

Spring 2013

Derick RodRozen is an established talent among British Columbian designers who remains on the forefront of innovation.


Susan Fredman / No. 4

Caring by Design

Summer 2012

It all began with painting and selling rocks at the age of four. Nowadays, those rocks have turned into multi-million dollar seaside condos. Yet expressing individuality in her designs is the core of what matters to Susan, not necessarily the dollars.



Nicole Sassaman / No. 3

Sledgehammers and Stilettos

Spring 2012

Sledgehammers and stilettos share equal billing in Los Angeles designer Nicole Sassaman’s wardrobe. Just as comfortable in her studio designing a cutting edge kitchen as she is gutting an entire room by herself, Nicole is making waves in the design world.


Ramsin Khachi / No. 2

Classical details with a contemporary twist.

Winter 2012

This 23-year-old split-level house in Oakville, a suburb west of Toronto, doesn't look like some jet-set house of the future, all sleek, white and modern. In fact, it's filled with classical details and timeless materials.


Billy Beson / No. 1

Looking for a taste of the glamorous life?

Fall 2011

If you want to introduce some Glamour into your home, focus on small spaces that can pack a lot of punch, such as powder rooms and entertaining spaces like your dining room, in-home bar, or game room.


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