The need to discover—to explore, to experience, to remember—runs deep. These four new designs from Cambria invoke journeys taken, moments experienced, and memories created. Cobblestones shimmering in the June rain. Digging toes in warm sand swept by the rushing tide. The ancient peace of a cottage on a green shire. The still silence of a fiery solstice sunset.

These new designs summon up powerful emotions with Cambria's characteristic details: cool whites warmed by honey or complemented by gray, textured ridges, flecks of silver, cascading black veining, abundant swirls, and charcoal gray veins. The new Cambria Satin Ridge™ finish celebrates the uniquely tactile nature of summer travels.


Leabridge™ is available exclusively in our new Cambria Satin Ridge finish, a distinctive new rich finish with a sensual texture that adds a powerful tactile dimension to the visual sophistication of the design. Leabridge™ features gradations of cool white and warm honey, with borders of textured ridges creating an overall look reminiscent of salt flats.

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True to its name, the cool whites and grays of Sandgate evoke the surface of a favorite childhood beach or treasured memory. Silver flecks glint enticingly.

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High-contrast, deeply saturated black veining cascades across a cool white background, intersecting with softer veins which pulsate and crackle.

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Abundant swirls and charcoal gray veins animate this wheat-toned design. Beige and white accents provide a subtle softness. A crystallized feel adds pleasing depth and dimension.

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Our recent specialty product innovations include our 6mm thickness, which brings the elegance of Cambria to weight-sensitive applications, and bookmatching, which creates a powerful symmetrical mirroring effect.