Cambria® Gallery on 7th

Our Cambria gallery is an innovative showroom in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. It showcases a myriad of inspirational home and commercial installations, all created by locally renowned interior designers, architects, artists, and manufacturers. Full-size Cambria slabs are also on display. Cambria settings include a wide variety of kitchens and baths, as well as a live demonstration kitchen, fireplace surround, and a bar area. The gallery and staff give homeowners and professionals a convenient location to gain inspiration and design ideas, and experience the depth and movement in Cambria's trend-setting design palette. No appointment is necessary. Cambria surfaces are available through builders, designers, architects, and kitchen & bath retailers throughout North America.


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  • Cambria Gallery on 7th
  • 625 2nd Avenue South
  • Suite 101
  • Minneapolis, MN 55402

Parking: validated parking at Northstar Ramp or The Grand Hotel valet.

  • Hours:
  • Mon–Fri: 8am-6pm
  • Thur: 8am-9pm
  • Sat: 11am-4pm

Designs Displayed

  • Annicca™
  • Annicca Matte™
  • Armitage™
  • Berkeley™
  • Berwyn™
  • Blackpool Matte™
  • Blackwood™
  • Bradshaw™
  • Braemar™
  • Brittanicca™
  • Cambria Black™
  • Cambria Black Matte™
  • Castell™
  • Clareanne Matte™
  • Daron™
  • Devon™
  • Ella™
  • Fairbourne™
  • Greystone™
  • Helmsley™
  • Laneshaw™
  • Mersey™
  • Minera™
  • Newport Matte™
  • New Quay™
  • Oakhampton™
  • Oakmoor™
  • Parys™
  • Princetown™
  • Queen Anne™
  • Roxwell™
  • Rosebay Matte™
  • Summerhill™
  • Swanbridge™
  • Torquay™
  • Weybourne Matte™
  • Whitney™

Slab Designs

  • Annicca™
  • Beaumont™
  • Berwyn™
  • Bradshaw™
  • Brittanicca Gold Matte™
  • Canterbury™
  • Clareanne Matte™
  • Delgatie Matte™
  • Highgate Matte™
  • Kelvingrove™
  • Levven™
  • Lincolnshire™
  • Seagrove™
  • Skara Brae™
  • Windermere™