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A note from Marty Davis, founder of Camp Cambria

Most people think of arthritis as somewhat of an older person’s disease. I know we did as young children watching my grandmother, Gloria Davis, suffer terribly from the disease.

In recent years, we have watched my mother, Mary Davis, suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in much the same way, while fortunately benefiting greatly from the strides medicine has made with this disease.

Now these past few years, we have learned from Justin and Krista Morneau how widespread juvenile arthritis is, their niece Maddie suffers from this disease. It is hard to imagine kids suffering such pain. We knew if we got involved we could make a positive difference.

In 2014, Camp Cambria for kids with juvenile arthritis was established. Seeing these kids, who can so often feel alone and misunderstood, be able to spend some time away from it all – with their peers who have these same challenges – was so obviously a worthy endeavor for Cambria.

And with your help, we will continue to expand our Camp Cambria enterprise to the benefit of youth who suffer from this terrible disease, juvenile arthritis. 

Marty Davis  |  Cambria President & CEO 

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