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Canongate™ | Desert Collection
US Pat Pending
Kentmere™ | Desert Collection
US Pat Pending
Aberdeen™ | Waterstone Collection
Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Aragon™ | Quarry Collection
Armitage™ | Waterstone Collection
US Pat D712,666 @ Cambria Company LLC
Ashford™ | Quarry Collection
Bala Blue™ | Classic Collection
Bellingham™ | Waterstone Collection
Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Berkeley™ | Waterstone Collection
US Pat D712,671 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Berwyn™ | Waterstone Collection
US Pat D737,577 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Blackwood™ | Quarry Collection
Bradford™ | Quarry Collection
Bradshaw™ | Waterstone Collection
US Pat D712,670 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Braemar™ | Waterstone Collection
Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Brecon Brown™ | Classic Collection
Brentwood™ | Cambrian Collection
Brighstone™ | Jewel Collection
US Pat Pending Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Bristol Blue™ | Classic Collection
Brittanicca™ | Marble Collection
US Pat D751,300 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC | 9,186,819
Brownhill™ | Quarry Collection
Buckingham™ | Waterstone Collection
Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Burnbury™ | Quarry Collection
Burton Brown™ | Classic Collection
Caerphilly Green™ | Classic Collection
Cambria Black™ | Desert Collection
Cambrian Gold™ | Classic Collection
Canterbury™ | Cambrian Collection
Cardiff Cream™ | Classic Collection
Cardigan Red™ | Classic Collection
Carlisle Gray™ | Classic Collection
Carmarthen Brown™ | Classic Collection
Castell™ | Cambrian Collection
Castlemartin™ | Marble Collection
US Pat D737,576 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Charston™ | Jewel Collection
Chatham™ | Quarry Collection
Cherrybrook™ | Desert Collection
Clyde™ | Desert Collection
Collybrooke™ | Marble Collection
Coswell Cream™ | Classic Collection
Cranbrook™ | Quarry Collection
Cuddington™ | Desert Collection
Darlington™ | Cambrian Collection
Daron™ | Jewel Collection
Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Devon™ | Desert Collection
Dovedale™ | Marble Collection
Dover™ | Desert Collection
Dunmore™ | Desert Collection
Durham™ | Quarry Collection
Edinburough™ | Jewel Collection
Ella™ | Marble Collection
US Pat D751,298 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC | 9,186,819
Ellesmere™ | Coastal Collection
US Pat D738,631 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC | 9,289,923
Fairbourne™ | Marble Collection
US Pat D738,630
Ferndale™ | Quarry Collection
Fieldstone™ | Desert Collection
Flint Black™ | Classic Collection
Galloway™ | Coastal Collection
US Pat D713,154 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC | 9,289,923
Greystone™ | Desert Collection
Halstead™ | Quarry Collection
Hamilton™ | Quarry Collection
Hampshire™ | Waterstone Collection
US Pat D759,385 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Hazelford™ | Desert Collection
Henley™ | Cambrian Collection
Hollinsbrook™ | Waterstone Collection
US Pat D712,669 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Hyde Park™ | Classic Collection
Kensington™ | Quarry Collection
Kingston™ | Quarry Collection
Kirkstead™ | Desert Collection
Lancaster™ | Quarry Collection
Laneshaw™ | Waterstone Collection
US Pat D712,161 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Langdon™ | Coastal Collection
US Pat D759,387 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC | 9,289,923
Lincolnshire™ | Cambrian Collection
Linwood™ | Cambrian Collection
Manchester™ | Desert Collection
Menai™ | Jewel Collection
US Pat D737,058 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Minera™ | Jewel Collection
Montgomery™ | Waterstone Collection
US Pat D760,501 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Nevern™ | Waterstone Collection
US Pat D712,665
New Brighton™ | Marble Collection
New Castle™ | Classic Collection
New Quay™ | Waterstone Collection
Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Newhaven™ | Cambrian Collection
Newport™ | Marble Collection
Nottingham™ | Quarry Collection
Oakhampton™ | Desert Collection
Oakmoor™ | Oceanic Collection
US Pat D751,299 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC | 9,186,819
Oxford™ | Quarry Collection
Oxwich Green™ | Classic Collection
Park Gate™ | Quarry Collection
Parys™ | Jewel Collection
Praa Sands™ | Waterstone Collection
Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Preston™ | Quarry Collection
Ramsey™ | Marble Collection
US Pat D738,115
Reading™ | Quarry Collection
Rosslyn™ | Jewel Collection
US Pat D712,668 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Roxwell™ | Oceanic Collection
US Pat D750,905 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC | 9,186,819
Sanford™ | Desert Collection
Seagrove™ | Coastal Collection
US Pat D737,057 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC | 9,289,923
Sharpham™ | Waterstone Collection
Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Sheffield™ | Quarry Collection
Shirebrook™ | Waterstone Collection
Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Snowdon White™ | Classic Collection
Somerset™ | Quarry Collection
Southampton™ | Quarry Collection
Stafford Brown™ | Classic Collection
Summerhill™ | Coastal Collection
US Pat D759,388 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC | 9,289,923
Sutton™ | Quarry Collection
Talbot Gray™ | Classic Collection
Templeton™ | Desert Collection
Tenby Cream™ | Classic Collection
Torquay™ | Marble Collection
Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Victoria™ | Quarry Collection
Walton™ | Desert Collection
US Pat D752,884 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Waterford™ | Cambrian Collection
Waverton™ | Marble Collection
Wellington™ | Waterstone Collection
Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Welshpool Black™ | Classic Collection
Wentwood™ | Waterstone Collection
US Pat D759,386 Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
Westminster™ | Waterstone Collection
Ⓓ Cambria Company LLC
White Cliff™ | Desert Collection
Whitehall™ | Desert Collection
Whitney™ | Jewel Collection
Williston™ | Quarry Collection
Wilshire Red™ | Classic Collection
Winchester™ | Quarry Collection
Windermere™ | Cambrian Collection
Windsor™ | Quarry Collection

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Digital photographs are small select cuts from a slab; they do not exhibit all the characteristics of a design and therefore are not fully representative of what will be installed in your home. Cambria is pure natural quartz. We encourage you to order a physical sample to view and coordinate with exact color tones. Variations in the natural stone (quartz) color, pattern, size, shape and shade are inherent and unique characteristics to be expected with this product. Cambria is not a seamless product; seams are visible. Where there are seams the product pattern and shade can change. These variations do not affect performance and do not qualify for product replacement.

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