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Introducing Counters
by Cambria

The essential online tool for designers,
retailers, and fabricators.


What Is Counters by Cambria?

Counters by Cambria is a comprehensive online estimating tool that takes the guesswork out of the countertop estimation process.

This easy-to-use, no-cost tool shortens the sales cycle and streamlines the process of selecting designs, communicating with clients, and receiving quotes.

Advantages of Counters by Cambria


Create and share estimates in real time


No cost, no obligation, and no commitment


Set your margins and pricing


Streamline communication

For Designers

Create and share fast, accurate estimates in real time, set your own margins, streamline communication, and more.

For Fabricators

Counters by Cambria streamlines the way you work to help increase your revenue—all at no cost to you.

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