We've Tallied Your Votes for
Our New Kitchen


It's time for the big reveal! You've spent the last month voting, commenting, and following along with Cambria® and TV Host, Matt Muenster, for a first of its kind social media kitchen collaboration. Now your choices are brought to life! With Matt’s expertise and our audience’s input, the kitchen renovation process became exciting, rewarding, and fun. You can watch the Kitchen Collaboration series from start to finish here, with exclusive tips from Matt along the way.

From Cambria Beaumont™ countertops with a Ridgeline edge profile to cabinets, paint color, and beyond, see how your votes came together to build this one-of-a-kind kitchen. Thank you for following along with us on Cambria’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@CambriaQuartz) and for helping us create this incredible new space! 

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