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The Backyard

This childhood place of escape still hosts plenty of fun for kids and adults alike.

REMEMBER WHEN YOUR MOM TOLD YOU TO GO OUT AND PLAY?... AND YOU DID. The possibilities seemed endless when it came to wasting away a summer day. Rounding up any available kid for a game of kick the can, finding a stretch of grass with perfectly placed trees for 1st, 2nd and 3rd base or for those days when the clouds were too good to be true—lying on your back for hours as they floated by. Happily, you can still enjoy the pleasures of bygone days. Whether you’re in the midst of an extended staycation or just enjoying a lazy afternoon—head out to the backyard and dial back to a simpler time. It’s a great place to be.

CLASSIC HORSESHOES  With two colors of horseshoes included in the Classic Series Horseshoe Set, it’s easy to determine who has perfect pitch and pronounce the winner.. $60;


LAWN BOWLING SET  In Italy they call it “bocce”; in France, “pétanque.” You’ll call it fun, when you introduce your family to this authentic English Lawn Bowling Set hand-carved from mango wood with painted details. $129;

BADMINTON SET  Who doesn’t love badminton! The four-player Jaques Challenge Badminton Set comes with its own box for easy transportation to the backyard or the neighbor’s yard. $339;


SUMMER CINEMA  The classic end to a perfect summer day: Now you can watch movies in your backyard or host a screening for your next block party! This tiny Mobile Projector with built-in speaker fits in your pocket till you attach it to an iPad or laptop to project a a video on a big screen. Showtime, everyone! $300;

ALL-AMERICAN SODAS  The Boylan Bottling Co., still family owned and operated, produces authentic beverages of a bygone era, putting more pop in these classic sodas;

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