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Style maven and Cambria advocate Cheryl Tiegs knows a thing or two about All-American Glamour.

After all, she’s made a career of elevating some of the world’s most sophisticated fashion with her own fresh-faced beauty. And, a California girl since her childhood, Tiegs has an intimate understanding of the delicate balance of high luxury and streamlined elegance that make up true Hollywood style.

“Hollywood glamour is unique: Underneath the glitzy surface is a timeless elegance that’s really very classic,” she says. Case in point, the design of some of the most beautiful Hollywood homes. “Hollywood homes are newer than houses in the rest of the country, because this is a young city,” she says. “But they’re influenced by the treasures of European architecture and interior design, and that influence lends a sense of timeless luxury.”



Of course, Hollywood style-setters like Tiegs always know how to make an entrance. So, alongside the staid antiques, you’ll find show-stopping pieces that boast just as many curves and just as much sparkle as their owners. And, that, says Tiegs, is the secret to infusing any room (or outfit) with a bit of star quality: “Whether it’s a dress or a desk, start with a strong silhouette, then add drama with a bold pattern or a fabulous finish, and complete the look with some really spectacular accessories. And remember, attitude is everything!”

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