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Winning Metals

Learn how to mix silver and gold finishes for a look that’s rich and fresh

Featured Design: Ella™
Interior Designer: Brian Gusckein

Metallics have held a top spot in home decor trend lists for years. First, designers loved the cool gleam of chrome, stainless and nickel; then copper and gold took over. Now, the freshest look is an anything goes approach: mixing cool and warm metals with abandon, with no rules about matching finishes in sight. Throwing out the rule book sounds enticing, but it can result in a muddled look. So, we turned to the pros for inspiration and insight on how to master the mixed-metal trend.


Perfect Harmony

House Beautiful chooses ten gorgeous rooms—kitchens, living spaces, bedrooms, and more—from top designers like Celerie Kemble and Mary McGee—to illustrate how easy it is to use gold and silver finishes in the same room. Learn key strategies like the importance of separating different finishes and using proportion to emphasize or downplay for a perfect mix.

Trend Watch: Matte Brass

Before you assume that all metallic finishes must shine, take a look at Emily Henderson’s blog post on the new matte brass trend. Designer and HGTV star Henderson highlights this rich finish—it’s neither shiny nor aged—and suggests ways to use it throughout the house. Bonus: Dozens of product picks with this fabulous finish.

Designer Gold

Elle Decor shares designer Natalie Kraiem’s top five tips for using metallics. Kraiem, who says there’s no such thing as “too much” when incorporating shine, tells how to mix in metals without creating an over-the-top effect. Keeping the palette neutral is one great piece of advice. Read the rest here.

Shining Surprises

When you think about ways to incorporate metallics into your decor, things like  light fixtures, side tables, and accessories are probably the first items that come to mind. But what about kitchen cabinets? Here, Apartment Therapy collects unexpected ways to add gold, silver, copper, and brass to any room in the house.

Winning Inspiration

Ready for some eye candy? These 20 stunning rooms from show off the mixed metallic trend at its best. See how to add just a hint of gold and silver through furnishings, artwork, or accessories, or how to take the finishes to new heights—on the ceiling, perhaps.

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