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Unusable to Useable

  • Written by Laura Oakes
  • June, 2012
  • Photography By Matt McCoy

Most of us have a room or two in our homes that may look nice, but doesn’t really get used all that often. With plenty of indoor time upon us, how about redefining its purpose?

 Home Office

Redefining a home to fit their needs is exactly what these St. Paul, Minnesota homeowners did when they recently moved into their 1920’s-style bungalow.

 The space was a pass- through, doorless room that, while on the market, had been staged as a cozy sitting area. While they loved the home’s overall layout, the room lacked purpose for this busy family, who ideally wanted a main level bathroom and home office. As luck would have it, the room was directly below the upstairs bath, which made tapping into the existing plumbing a snap.

Main Level Bath

A carpenter, drywall professional and plumber already in their arsenal from previous remodels, the owners installed a wall, leaving ¾ of the original space for a home office, and the remaining ¼ for a small bath—toilet at one end, sink at the other. Two rooms they now wonder how they ever did without.

What is your un or underused space? Perhaps a guest room? How about doubling its duty as a craft room or home office? Or maybe it is something as simple as removing a closet door and transforming the space into a cozy reading nook. The possibilities are endless. And since our homes are no small investment, there is nothing like that rewarding feeling when every inch of it serves a useful purpose.

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