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  • December, 2012
  • Photography By Kevin Hail Photography

WEITHER IT'S SHAP SHOTS FROM THAT ANNIVERSARY SPENT IN PARIS, those seashells from that glorious day at the beach, or those first pair of baby shoes you’ve held onto all these years—there is something special about sifting through memorabilia. And because some memories simply need more than an annual visit, we’ve brought together some of our favorite ways to share and enjoy a nostalgic stroll whenever the urge hits.

EASY-OPEN FRAME - Store up to 50 artworks in the Lil davinci Art cabinet. A hinged glass frame makes changing the display a breeze. $90 for set of three.

PICTURE LINKS - Sterling silver Locket cuff Links keep loved ones close at hand, no matter where he goes. Add a monogram for a truly personal touch. $120.

DISPLAY BOXES - Show off treasured keepsakes like baby shoes or heirloom jewelry inside antique-brass-trimmed glass display Boxes. $29 to $39.


FAVORITE PLACES - Create your own Bus Scroll with a list of meaningful destinations—like the islands you hopped to on your honeymoon. $299.






CLEVER COVER - You look at it 500 times a day, so why not encase your phone in your favorite Instagram, facebook, or directly uploaded photos? $35.





RECIPE FINDER - Turn a simple photo journal into a place to collect beloved recipes. Hint: it's a great gift for grandma from the family. $18 to $50.



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