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Pantry Storage

  • Written by Amanda Lecky
  • April, 2016

Well-designed storage is one of the most important ingredients in any successful kitchen design. It adds efficiency and visually expands the space by clearing distracting clutter. Bonus: Keeping your countertops mess-free also lets you show off the gorgeous Cambria pattern you’ve chosen. Of course cabinet storage is key, but kitchen designers agree that incorporating a pantry into your plans is a smart step. Then, you’ll want to maximize every interior inch. It’s easy! Just borrow these cute and clever ideas from the pros.

Pantry cabinet class
A tall pantry cabinet can add all the storage you need, and then some. This amazingly organized pantry cabinet from IHeart Organizing has everything: DIY slide-out shelves, neatly dividers, clever labels, and even an electrical outlet for a microwave.

Crate idea
For anyone who’s wondered where to put those reusable grocery totes between shopping trips, you’re in luck: IHeart Organizing hack of a $7 wood crate is a super-simple solution to a common and messy problem.

Stretching a small space
Make the most of a tiny closet pantry with some square-inch-maximizing tips from IHeart Organizing. Spoiler alert: The inside of the door is prime storage real-estate!

Pantry spice storage
The irregular shapes and sizes of herb and spice containers can be a storage nightmare. Learn some easy ways around this typical pantry problem with IHeart Organizing.

Drawer organization
Avoid the pitfall of overflowing kitchen drawers by planning what will live in each one and using inexpensive containers and dividers to maintain order. IHeart Organizing shows how.

Food storage solution
Figuring out how to keep food storage containers and lids together and accessible is one of the biggest headaches in any family kitchen. IHeart Organizing shows off a solution so simple you won’t believe it.

Pantry alternatives
No room for a pantry, or even a pantry cabinet? SF Girl By Bay offers up a dozen clever kitchen storage ideas perfect for adding put-away space to small, older kitchens—without an expensive renovation.

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