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The Harvest

Dew-damp leaves glistening in the sun. Warm, fragrant earth crumbling in your fingers. The excitement of the first harvest in the spring, and the satisfaction of the last jar of preserves in the fall. These are the deep pleasures of the garden that come from coaxing blooming life out of a handful of quiet seeds. With just a little hard work, they’re yours to savor all season—and beyond. Dig in.

#1. LOVELY GLOVES: Orla Kiely’s signature flower-stem pattern makes these cotton gardening gloves from Wild & Wolf a pleasure to put on.

$23. -

#2. CLASSIC CAN:  Made in England  since 1885, the Haws Watering Can is carefully balanced, with a long, sturdy handle and a brass rose for watering delicate seedlings.

$98 -

#3. SPRAY CHIC: Irresistible in cheery orange, the Sun Garden Hose is made of sturdy rubber, kink- and crack-resistant, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

$68 -

#4. SEED STARTER: The hand-turned Black Walnut Planting Dibble is ergonomically designed to make quick, comfortable work of creating divots and seed rows.

$28 -

#5. DIG THIS: With a wide, pointed blade and a handle made with hard-working hands in mind, the Large Garden Trowel is a timeless essential.

$58 -

#6. GARDEN TO GO: Complete with everything you need to start your own mini-garden, the Rustic Seedling Pots in Wood Crate with Seeds is pretty, and practical.

$50 -

#7. STRING THEORY: A sturdy tin can keeps biodegradable, compostable Nutscene Garden Twine from becoming tangled.

$16 -

#8 SHARP CULTIVATOR: It may not make you enjoy weeding, but this Japanese Weeding Tool will make pulling out those stubborn invaders a bit easier.

$24 -



GARDENING APP:  Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just developing your green thumb, getting expert help can make your growing season a lot more enjoyable (and productive). The Sprout It app has planting, tending, harvesting, and storage information for an ever-expanding variety of plants. You can learn which varieties are best for your area and how to care for them.

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