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The Perfect Presentation

  • November, 2015

During the holiday season, it’s more than just the thought that counts. It’s the presentation too! Adding a personal touch to the gifts you give at each celebration shows off more than just your creative side — it makes each package feel special, which in turn makes the recipient feel the same.
Gift Wrapped Presents

 Featured Design: Brecon BrownTM


It’s a wrap!
Go beyond the standard store-bought wrapping paper. Outdated maps and sturdy craft paper add an unexpected element of fun to gifts of any size. For an eco-friendly but lush option, use an elegant swath of fabric in lieu of disposable paper. Recipients can reuse the fabric for future occasions or even in a table display!

Think beyond the ribbon.
For an unexpectedly warm spin on a wrapped gift, try using twine instead of traditional ribbons. Found at craft stores, you won’t have to worry about these small spools selling out before the big day. Plus, you can use it all year long for any gift-giving occasion!

Make it stick.
Washi tape, also known as craft tape, has been quite popular for the past few years. With a lovely array of colors and patterns, you can make a present pop when using this delicate tape in place of the usual scotch tape.

Tag, you’re it.
Next time you spot antique tags or notecards at a local vintage store, be sure to scoop them up! The little scraps of lovely paper are perfectly sized for gift tags. Or, download a printable template of our featured gift tags, designed by Athena Pelton here

Perfect your penmanship.
With your favorite felt-tipped pen and celebratory script, scroll festive messages across the tags. Add hand-drawn borders or little flourishes to keep each tag unique!

Top it off.
Add a sprig of evergreen or lavender in lieu of a bow. Or, for an extra treat, add a little piece of gourmet candy or chocolate.


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