Be it pristine, clear and bottled,

or an endless expanse of blue we long to gaze upon from white sandy shores, many of us have grown to see water as something to buy or buy access to. But time spent near Hollinsbrook offers a gentle reminder of the very different values water can have.

Here, the many tributaries flowing from the River Irwell help parse the English countryside into a grand, rolling jigsaw puzzle. These waterways have served for centuries as natural boundaries, barriers and channels of transportation. Rescued from the effects of an industrial revolution born, in part, on its shores, the waters of River Irwell have been freed to return to their natural earthy tones, which echo the rocky fields its many tendrils snake through and between.

Our Hollinsbrook design, with its mix of black, chestnut, gray and white, is as much a nod to these storied English waterways as it is a celebration of the country they so distinctively define.

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