The world abounds with neutral objects.

Often formed to function, these are objects designed not to be seen. Take, for instance, the humble window, meant to be looked through, not at. But those with an eye for innovation can see beyond intended purpose. And the results of their work can be magnificent.

Far from hyperbole, such results exist in St. Maxentius', an old church the English region of Bradshaw is known for. Best viewed from within, its intricate stained glass windows are stunning in their craftsmanship, and each pane serves as a breathtaking example of what's possible when innovation is in the hands of a true artist.

It was the stained glass of St. Maxentius' that served as inspiration for our Bradshaw design, in which rust flecks subtly dust a fusion of whirling taupe, tans and black. For these windows stand as proof that innovation, coupled with artistry, can elevate the neutral to standout status. 

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